Totem / Display Stand

Single-side / Double-side / Custom shape

Totem / display systems are specifically designed for shops, commercial spaces and gas stations. We produce different types, depending on the customer’s needs. The totem is fixed in the ground by pouring a concrete foundation. We recommend using these display systems for shops and commercial districts that are situated at a considerable distance from pedestrian and car traffic.



The standard totems feature:

➲ Great metal finishings: chrome, satin, gold, anodized etc …
➲ Precision detailing due to milling and computerized cutting
➲ Durable surface, perfectly flat, resistant to vandalism



Our totems can be classified according to the materials used to make them:

➲ With plexiglas surface/surfaces and aluminum/bond profiles;
➲ Totem with plexiglas surface/surfaces and metal profiles;
➲ Luminous tiles with tensile polypropylene surface/surfaces (special aluminum/bond profiles);
➲ Totem with surfaces of alucobond - cut - and plexiglas;
➲ Illuminated boxes with affixed volumetric letters;



Alucobond totems are specifically designed to withstand long-lasting outdoor conditions and feature UV, rain and wind resistance. To attract attention totems are generally at least 2m high.

Recommended for: street signage for shops, supermarkets and hypermarkets, malls, company headquarters, various shops, halls, hospitals and clinics, doctor's offices, spaces where several companies operate.



Alucobond is a high quality material, having reached technical and aesthetic perfection, and is relatively new, but increasingly used in the field of industrial and civilian constructions. It's a material that can be modeled easily, as opposed to traditional ones, addressing the wishes of architects with extraordinary versatility, turning fantasy into reality by offering creative freedom through the mounting process on alucobond (aka bond).

Bond comes in the form of composite panels made up of 2 sheets of aluminum sheet with a special structure, that gives it elasticity, and a heat-insulating core.

The major advantage of such a mount is the incorporation of lightweight materials that are resistant and easy to maintain, while not requiring a structurally strong building. A practical usage, increasingly present in urban areas, is to cover new or refurbished buildings with large plates of composite materials. Besides the extraordinary properties like flatness, flexibility, fire resistance and reduced weight, bond also offers you an unlimited range of colors.


LED lights are up to 70% more economical, through electrical efficiency, than fluorescent tube lights and neon lamps.

Even though initial production costs are lower for neon and fluorescent lights,
WE RECOMMEND the use of LED lighting because the same costs are amortized in less than a year through the costs of electrical bills alone.

In addition to many other benefits, totems can be used both indoors and outdoors, allowing for infinite creativity. In many cases the lights are fully programmable and display a wide range of colors.

LED Modules We Use

Quality and longevity guaranteed! Efficient lighting systems, especially affordable as cutout illuminated letters!


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