PVC Foam / Plexiglass / Alucobond

3D, Volumetric letters for your signs!

Volumetric Letters

We can create letters of any shape for you.
They can be cut from PVC foam plates (1-20mm thickness),
transparent/white Plexiglas,
and White, Silver, Gold or Copper Alucobond.

We can make custom-sized letters, turning even your "craziest" project into a reality.

Foam Letters

We create computerized volumetric letters made of extruded and expanded polystyrene, with thickness ranging between 20 and 200mm. We also make logos for companies and various other forms at the customer’s request.

➲ Letters can be painted in different color shades.
➲ Simple volumetric letters are applied directly to the wall or panel.
➲ Plexiglas volumetric letters with front lighting.
➲ Volumetric shapes can be mounted both inside (malls, shops, supermarkets, cafes, etc.) and outside (hotels, halls, stadiums, exhibition, company headquarters, etc.).

Volumetric Letters

Volumetric letters offer increased visibility and a stylish look with their three-dimensional effect, achieved through computerized cut. This system of making signs and signals is also the perfect solution for buildings located in protected areas, architectural monuments and buildings with special architecture. They are made from extruded polystyrene with a fine structure, a material which can be painted in a wide range of colors, so their span of application is practically unlimited.

3D Letters

Very light, waterproof and extremely easy to install. The perfect solution for a wide range of applications.

Lightbox Letters

In addition to many other benefits, lightbox letters can be used both indoors and outdoors, allowing for infinite creativity. In many cases the lights are fully programmable and display a wide range of colors.

LED Modules We Use

Backlit Volumetric Letters

B a c k l i t
L e t t e r s

Any Size! Any Shape!

Letters with back illumination

Volumetric letters can have LED backlit.

Volumetric letters logo with LED-backlit PVC base & Plexiglass front.

LED Volumetric Letters

Any Size! Any Color! Any Shape! Very Bright!

LED Letters

Volumetric letters can be illuminated with LED.

The LEDs can display any color, due to water dispersion inside an insulated and thermally controlled enclosure. Light temperature and solar radiation tests are carried out, using the parameters of temperate-continental climate of our country. Upon request, a transparent layer of UV lacquer can be applied over the volumetric letters for a special visual effect. The illumination of the volumetric letters uses Super Flux LEDs, and the luminous power of each diode ranges from 6lm to 15lm.

LED Letters

Bright light, waterproof and extremely easy to install! The perfect solution for a wide range of applications, from illuminated letters to interior decorations and even car tuning. With a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours and power consumption of 0.5 W/module, LEDs are recommended for long-lasting applications.
In addition to many other benefits, LEDs can be used both indoor and outdoor, allowing for infinite creativity. In many cases the lights are fully programmable and display a wide range of colors.


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